Friday, January 23, 2009

Stay Out of Theology If...

Those who cannot stomach calling others “wrong” and being called to the carpet for “wrong” interpretations and theological views should stay out of the theological profession as well as the pastorate--and even the ministry.

If the Biblical text does not stir up conviction within you to “speak the truth in love” and bring the courage to call things what they are--you should again stay out of the theological and ministerial profession.

This does not mean that one has to be a discernment ministries blogger or a rapid dog in the heresy fox hunt. It does however that this whole notion of “offensive” and your “tone” needs to be set aside. If you do not have a bit of tough skin, do not get into debates or seek to advocate any theological/Biblical position.

Again there are some who are just mean and nasty and that is inexcusable. However, if you are an overly sensitive sort and you incessantly worry about offending others. If your first response to every confrontation is to take offense at the person’s tone or attitude, you impute sinister motives to all you disagree with you, or worst of all you assume people disagree with you because they do not understand then please by all means stay out of ministry and the theological profession.

I fully grant that the minister and theologian must be kind and gentle. He must be wary of the bruised reed and the smoldering wick so as not to bruise or snuff them out respectively. At the same time there far too many who are theological weenies and wimps supposing this is for the sake of love and grace. Nothing could be more opposed to the Biblical doctrines of love and grace. For the teacher who truly loves and true shows grace considers his higher calling to God and is unafraid to speak clearly of the nature of God’s grace and love persuasively by expressing concern for those who might be torn to and fro by every wind of doctrine that whips us like a dingy on storm tossed sea.

If you want to handle the truth be sure you can handle the truth.

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