Tuesday, February 17, 2009

On Scripture

Charles Hodge:
"Our views of inspiration must be determined by the phenomena of the Bible as well as from its didactic statements."

Systematic Theology 1.169

HT: Michael Bird

Hodge continues:
"If in fact the sacred writers retain each his own style and mode of thought, then we must renounce any theory which assumes that inspiration obliterates or suppresses all individual peculiarities. If the Scriptures abound in contradictions and errors, then it is vain to contend that they were written under an influence which precludes all error. The question, therefore, is a question of fact. Do the sacred writers contradict each other? Do the Scriptures teach what from any source can be proved not to be true? The question is not whether the views of the sacred writers were incorrect, but whether they taught error? For example, it is not the question Whether they thought the earth is the centre of our system? but, Did they teach it is?"

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