Sunday, February 15, 2009

'Silencing Christians'

Frank Turk, over at his blog, asked people to comment and discuss this video entitled 'Silencing Christians'. The 'documentary' is an hour long. Here's what I say: 
I thought it was decent in terms of production and facts. The case studies of current events was nothing new but nevertheless things we need to be aware of. I did wonder the about 1989 book and whether or not its discussion of the HS agenda and tactics was mainstream or not.

Sadly, the movie was called silencing Christians and in effect the Christians silenced themselves from anything that was a uniquely Christian message. It called Christians to action but that action abandoned the Christian's biggest weapon. They wanted to motivate the Christians to action but the actions weren't even 'Christian things'. I could be wrong, but I didn't catch even one Bible verse or Biblical defense of sexuality and marriage. You could have labelled the movie "silencing Orthodox Jews" or "silencing the moral majority". 

The ending especially fell flat. The main pleas were (1) fight for your constitutional rights {along with a reminder of how 'biblical' they are--which was a sort of cultural religion} and (2) Barack Obama is bad because he'll ruin the country with his *gasp* secular agenda.

So how do we fight? Well, fill out our survey and then we will show the world that we are still here and we'll hit them in their pocketbook so they won't give us propaganda we don't want to hear. 

This last item as to the purpose and reasons for the survey struck me as highly self-contradicting. They labored so hard at the beginning to tell me how much the HS agenda wanted to change public thinking through propaganda, redefinition and re-education, so if you send a survey you are basically saying "here's how many people you still need to reach".

If the pro-HS agenda knew when they started that they were a minority and they need to change the whole paradigm, I fail to see how a survey showing they are still underdogs will really make them say "well I guess we will stop our tactics". In fact, now that the agenda is rooted in MSM and many buy into the silence detractors and as discriminatory, a survey will do next to nothing. The fact may be their opponents are still a slightly larger majority, but this didn't stop their tactics in the past, it is the height of foolishness to assume it can stop them now. On a human plan, they have turned a corner that they didn't have 25 years ago.

The sad thing is yes Christians are silenced, but there wasn't anything Christian gospel-bleeding about this message. Christians all over the world are persecuted, why do we think we should be any difference. We shouldn't want to win the culture war but the war for the heart. The weapons to fight that battle are not the weapons of the world. In this, the movie was decidedly un-Christian.

So that's all I'll say about that.

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