Saturday, June 27, 2009

Biblical Theology in Exodus 1 and 2

There is some fascinating Biblical Theology going on in Exodus 1 & 2:

1) In Exodus 1:6, you clearly have echoes of the creation mandate & God's covenant with Abraham to multiply them.

2) In Exodus 1 & 2 (and the larger battle between God and Pharaoh) you definitely have fulfillments of the covenant promise to Abraham, particularly the prosperity of God's people, being blessed in a foreign land and watching God "bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you" (Genesis 12:3)

3) In Exodus 2:2, Moses' mom looks at him and 'sees that he is good'. This is a clear allusion to Genesis 1. Just one more hint that God is going to use redemption to usher in new creation, although the recreation at Sinai is not the true eschatological just a foretaste.

4) Moses is put in an 'ark' (Ex 2:3) a clear allusion to Noah and the Flood Narrative. This I think connects creation to redemption. It hints at God's pattern of redeeming for the purpose of nrew creation.

5) Moses goes through a 'salvation through judgment' experience. He is saved from the Nile, the means by which Pharaoh wants to kill Israelite males. Not only that Moses is drawn up out of the 'reeds' a clear allusion to the coming deliverance at the Re(e)d Sea. Like elsewhere in Exodus Moses experiences Israel's experience before she does. I think this hints not only at God's pattern of bringing salvation through allowing his people to pass vindicated through the judgment while destroying his enemies, it also gives hints to the Second Adam paradigm that God's chosen leader must pass through judgment on behalf of and before His people.

6) You have the clear deliverance of the child motif. Cf. Matthew 2 and Revelation 12 for this pattern being repeated and coming to climax in God's larger redemptive history.

7) Exodus 2:11-14, Moses seeks to offer deliverance but not only does Israel fail to recognize it (cf Acts 7:24-25), I think you have Moses exalting Himself rather than humbling himself to let God exalt him. This is a clear failure of Moses but points us right to Christ.

Ok, this is just a foretaste of the good things in Exodus, all point to the glories of our God in Christ. I'm looking forward to my upcoming sermon in Exodus and hope to post some things on my blog. Lots of fascinating stuff.

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