Saturday, June 27, 2009

Exodus Preaching Goals

Posting has been a little slow around here. Life has gotten a bit busy including last week doing some preaching/training at Victory Valley Camp for our summer staff. Loved it and had a great time. Second, we found out my wife is expecting our fourth child but that brings on her usual 'morning sickness' which is at times quite extreme and lasts all day. Third, its just plan old summer and I do like to get out.

I am starting a summer sermon series in Exodus. I hope to post extra items, discuss its historicity, give Biblical theological tidbits and supplement my sermon material with some blog posts. We'll see how it goes, no promises.

Here are some preaching goals I have for Exodus:

  1. Proclaim Christ.
  2. Apply the text.
  3. Be faithful to grammatical-historical exegesis.
  4. Provide background info that will illuminate the text.
  5. Help people understand the book, especially within redemptive history and its canonical context.

In my own note to self I wrote "Preach it, don't lecture it". I find that it would probably be easier to lecture on Exodus than actually preach it--so I have these goals to focus my prep work.

Here's my personal goals for my study:
  1. Become knowledgeable in the Hebrew of Exodus.
  2. Become knowledgeable in the background and theology of Exodus.
  3. See Exodus in light of redemptive history.
  4. Grow in personal faith and practice.
  5. Grow in my skill as a preacher.
  6. See and savior Jesus and my redeeming God.
And away we go into Exodus.

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