Tuesday, August 4, 2009

*Ecclesia Reformata* et Semper Reformanda

It is not enough to have the axiom Semper Reformanda but rather the cry of the church must be 'Ecclesia Reformata et Semper Reformanda.' In short, to say "always reforming" [semper reformanda] without the preceeding "church reformed and always reforming" [ecclesia reformata semper reformanda] is not only mindless and open-ended sloganeering but dangerous and unbiblical.

ecclesia reformata semper reformanda secundum verbum Dei (the church reformed and always to be reformed according to the word of God)--this is the slogan of the Reformation.

The sad thing is that most people like the slogan semper reformanda, it has come into vogue with revisionists and progressives. Their notion is little more than the 'church evolving' the 'the church reforming. Church evolving may take the Bible as its launching point but it seeks to head out into new uncharted territory. It is caricatured as bold and daring.

Reformation according the reformation is actually a sort of 'back to the Bible movement' in a way that doesn't discount the creeds or the church fathers. It does not neglect the voice of the church rather it submits it to the Scripture. But this "always reforming according to the Word of God" is seen as "repressive" or "regressive".

The church is not to be always evolving or even always emerging. It has been founded on Jesus Christ. Each generation may have its own struggles and its own challenges to be more obedient in light of particular struggles that may be more common in one age over others--but what guards the church is a zealous passion to be ever confirming to the Word of God so that we may bear the image of Jesus Christ.

I find most who use the phrase "Semper Reformanda" pushing an agenda that goes beyond reformation and using a phony claim to historical legitimacy.

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