Thursday, October 8, 2009

Chia Pet Mania

I don't particularly like Chia Pets. Don't have one; Don't want one. But apparently there are chia pets for Lincoln, Washington and the Statue of Liberty:But make one for Obama, and its... yup you guessed it "racist".
No, no no, don't they realize this chia pet is a symbol of liberty, opportunity, prosperity and hope? I mean those are the very things that come to mind when one hears those nobelest of words: chia pet.

Here's the advertisement clip:

You can even get all four in this "Special American Collection:"
I think there are two deeper questions we should be asking:
(1) Is this respectful of anyone who has held the office of President to turn great national heroes into of all things a "Chia Pet"? I mean come on. It's one thing to sell the likes of posters, plaques and pins--but chia pets of the President?! That's about as tasteful as respectful of the office as the queens of England branded in a lingerie line.

(2) Are we really willing to do just about anything to make a buck? What does it say about our hubris and infatuation with our great expectations when there are only three presidents who are chia pets: Washington, Lincoln and Obama? I mean "three great American presidents"--to borrow from SNL Seth Meyers: Really? REALY?! I mean REALLY!

Regardless of where you stand politically at least let history be the judge before you hold him up with the likes of Washington and Lincoln... before you allow him to share in the noblest of iconic statuses: the chia pet.

Personally, I'm holding out buying a chia pet until they make (a) a Star Trek line or (b) busts of the great theologians of church history. I mean, I do have my standards.

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