Saturday, July 17, 2010

Christians Arrested in America for Sharing their Faith

I found this video over at Alpha and Omega Ministries in a blog post by James White.

I appreciate the ministry of Dr. James White. You should avail yourself to his resources, his debates, blog posts, articles and podcasts. He is committed to Reformed Theology, he's a Baptist, and a Van Tillian in His apologetics. He's also an expert on issues like textual criticism. --He pretty much has all the interests that I enjoy.--

He links to this youtube video of Christians arrested for sharing their faith in Deerborn Michigan:

I generally try to avoid sensationalism and make careful arguments, even when it comes to politics. This video however and the ramifications of what has been done is a cause for concern and for prayer. Praise God for these men willing to be arrested for sharing their faith. May we all have such courage but also such peaceableness, respect and love for those to whom we are seeking to share our faith with.

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