Thursday, August 26, 2010

Slandering those made in God's Image

Perhaps you've followed the kerfuffle (or is it a brew-ha-ha) between Marvin Olasky and Jim Wallis. (If not you can catch up here.)

It appears, according to Christianity Today, that Jim Wallis has apologized.

Wallis told Christianity Today that he sent a private e-mail to Olasky and plans to speak with the editor-in-chief of World Magazine by phone on Friday.
"I was wrong, out of anger at the insinuation about the dependence on these foundations, I was wrong to imply that like Beck, Marvin lies for a living," Wallis said. "Glenn Beck does lie for a living. Marvin Olasky doesn't lie for a living; that's not something I should say about a brother in Christ."
(HT: Justin Taylor)

(1) I won't get into whether or not 'Beck lies for a living.' I must admit, this does seem to be a bit over the top. I don't follow Beck, but he doesn't seem anymore of a sensationalist than a whole host of people on the left and the right.

(2) I won't question Wallis' sincerity but I'll just say that true repentance involves not just sincerity but an actual account of what one has down wrong. (I guess this has been done, but who am I to judge).

(3) Consider my main thought a reminder to us all not a dig at Wallis. What I do want to question is the statement "not something I should say about a brother in Christ." This is certainly all well and true so far as it goes. (Certainly it is good that he affirms Olasky as a brother in Christ.)

But let's just remember slander is something that we should not do to anyone made in the image of God, not just a higher ethic we hold for our "brothers in Christ."
James 3:7 For every kind of beast and bird, of reptile and sea creature, can be tamed and has been tamed by mankind, 8 but no human being can tame the tongue. It is a restless evil, full of deadly poison. 9 With it we bless our Lord and Father, and with it we curse people who are made in the likeness of God. 10 From the same mouth come blessing and cursing. My brothers, these things ought not to be so.
We all struggle with controlling our tongue. But we should strive to control it towards every human being. As they say: 'that's all I say about that.'

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