Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Why Star Trek?

Over at Mere-O they are offering a giveaway of David VanDrunen latest book Living in God’s Two Kingdoms. One of the ways to enter was to give an apology for your favorite TV show to which I obliged them:

Why is Star Trek my favorite TV show?
(1) Because as a young boy is inspired me with adventures in a universe that was much bigger than earth. It was a source of enjoyment, wonder and adventure.
(2) It introduced me to epic themes and often used drama to engage in life events.
(3) It provided provided a vision of the future that was optimistic and hopeful. Unfortunately, it is a bit too rooted in modernism and it clashed with my Augustinian theological sensibilities. But this clash of worldviews is still stimulating and fun as it plays out in sci-fi.
(4) It has influenced pop culture for more than 40 years and has probably impacted said culture more than other television franchise in history.
(5) It’s impact on science and future scientists is almost incalculable as it has inspired real people to go out and do real things for the benefit of us all.
(6) It’s way more intelligent and far less mystical than Star Wars will ever be. ;)
(7) Five TV series, and 11 movies, probably secures it as the most productive science fiction drama ever. (not to mention books, comic books, an animated series, countless fan productions, conventions, and memorabilia)
(8) It’s enculturated and adapted itself to every generation since the 1960s at the same time it offers continual subtle critiques of current themes and current events.
(9) I’ve learned some Shakespeare and classical literature from watching it.
(10) It gives me something to theme my blog around and retain my geek creds in an area beyond just theology and Biblical studies.
(11) It has created its own subculture in the world of fandom.

Not sure how serious they were for that way to enter the contest, but hey, they said it, so I figured I'd give it a shot.

Next time, maybe I'll offer a two kingdom theory on Star Trek-- Christians can enjoy culture after all ;).

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Youssarian said...

All excellent reasons! :D Rock on, fellow Trekkie.

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