Friday, January 28, 2011

Star Trek Potato Heads

Here's what I want to know: do they have a forehead ridges attachment for the Kligons?

Those who are not a Star Trek fan may be wondering right about now: why? Dear God why? The answer: because we can!

Here's the a bit of detail:

PPW Toys will release Star Trek Mr. Potato Head collectible figures in a series of TOS-centric sets, and they’ll kick it off with Captain Kirk – going from stud to spud -- and his old Klingon foe, Kor. Subsequent sets will include Mr. Spock and Lt. Uhura, for example, and they may also feature familiar TOS equipment and Enterprise components.
“Even though it’s taken a lot of time and hard work, this project is like a dream come true for me, speaking personally,” says Dean Gorby, PPW Toys’ business manager. “I grew up in the 70’s and TOS was my favorite show. So to work on a project like this is surreal.”

--now I have something to get my girls for Christmas.
Kirk: "So you are saying we are a child's plaything?"
Kor: "INDEED, they have no honor!"

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