Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Love Wins Now

"To a man, universalists are semi-pelagian in their views but suddenly after death apparently everything becomes Calvinistic. The love of God is overwhelming. The love of God is irresistible. The love of God cannot be stopped. But you see the principle of the New Testament is God does not change because we die. His love is already overwhelming. His love is already irresistible. There is no more love of God to be demonstrated, beloved, than in immolation of our Savior on the Cross and the zealous pursuit of his effacious work in the hearts of men and women by the power of the Holy Spirit. There is nothing more God can do. There is no more love he can demonstrate. There is no more irresistible grace than the grace which effects our salvation here and now." --Sinclair Ferguson "Universalism and the Reality Eternal Punishment: The Biblical Basis of the Doctrine of Eternal Punishment" preached at Desiring God Conference 1-29-90 (at about 1hr 02 min) 

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