Saturday, March 26, 2011

Protecting A Daughter's Honor

On my twitter feed I found posted a link to this article. It challenges mom's to resist the culture of buying push-up bras for their 8-12 year olds.

I know I’m preaching to the choir. But you and I have to care about the girl whose mom DOES buy her that itty bitty bikini because one thing is clear, the fashion industry doesn’t. The leaders in the industry are aware that creating and marketing age inappropriate clothing creates significant emotional disorders and an early sexual debut in our daughters. They care only about the bottom line. The bottom line is that tweens are a lucrative demographic, commanding about $43 billion of spending power nationwide. Girls 8-12 spend about $500 million a year on beauty products alone. (Mascara and eye liner sales doubled in this age range last year.)

It's by a mom and written for a mom. Amen to mom's who stand up and tell their daughter's "no" and try to raise them to not only be aware of the culture's view of sexuality but to resist it. No complaints from me. 

Here's the thing. What if the bigger issue is not mom's who don't do enough (or are doing enough)--what if the bigger issues is daddy's who do not stand up for their little girls. What if the bigger issue is that Daddy's do not gentle and in real love protect their daughters honor. When Dad's don't give their daughter unconditional love, they are more prone to fall into these lures and act inappropriately to win boys' "affection."

This deserves more treatment than just a short blog post. Meg Meeker's book "Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters: 10 Secrets Every Father Should Know" points to research and studies that the real difference made in a young girls life is a Father who (a) loves her; (b) protects her and (c) lovingly sets boundaries. (If I had the book with me write now I'd give some stats and quotes, but it's at the office, and this is a short Sat night post--but take my word, there is research--see my review on the blog).

Consider the regrets that Billy Ray Cyrus is now having over Miley Cyrus. He was her friend before he was her father.

I'm glad a mom is taking up this challenge. Hurah! Again no arguments with the original article: but the real challenge, I think is for Father's to take this up.

Somehow, men think that their job is to turn boys into men. We can make a man out of a son. Teach him to do manly thing. The 'women folk' will make the daughters.--and I said it that way to show you how absurd it is when you think about it.

Men: God has called you to raise daughters. 

Men who have daughters should be concerned with this 'sexing up' of the American teenager--girls dressing like lionnesses on the hunt--and for what. This is what happens when men do not love their little girls unconditional and protect their honor because they cherish their girls. 

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Katie said...

Thank you so much for speaking out. I was thrilled to see a Dad post about this too. It is my hope that both Fathers and Mothers take notice of this issue in our's MUCH bigger than one retailer selling one inappropriate swimsuit. We need to talk about it with our spouses, with other parents, and also with our children... so we can not only help our own children but have an influence on the culture as well.
P.S. Thank you for the shout out to Dannah's post on MomLife Today.

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