Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Speaking of Honor

On my last post I mentioned that Dad's need to step it up and be dads to their daughters.

Now I found this and yup that's part of what I was talking about.


My city is filled with broken young women who have been devastated by young men. As a pastor, I have a front-row seat to the heart-wrenching carnage on a daily basis. Surprisingly, abuse often happens during the high school years through dad-sanctioned dating relationships. So many Christian dads pay so little attention to the young men their daughters date. Many of these same men will spend more time dutifully researching Consumer Reports for electronic gadget purchases or test-driving cars than they do investigating the boys who romantically pursue their daughters. They forfeit their responsibility and horrendously fail their precious daughters...

Dads must carefully consider the following as they shepherd their daughters through the minefield of romantic relationships:
  1. Idolatry is a greater initial threat than sexual immorality for your daughter as she relates to boys. Spiritually and emotionally immature young women will always struggle to love Jesus more than a boyfriend when given the chance. And Jesus teaches us it is from the heart (the place of worship and idolatry) that immorality flows (Matthew 15:17-19);
  2. It is most important that a young man respect you and fear the consequences of mistreating your daughter. You can’t be a buddy to your daughter’s boyfriend and her bodyguard simultaneously (1 Timothy 5:1-2); and,
  3. An exclusive and serious relationship really can’t go anywhere profitable for your daughter until she is mature enough for marriage (Song of Solomon 3:5).

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