Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Resurrection & Christ's Exaltation

The resurrection is the crowning of Jesus with glory and honor. It is crucially connected to the kingdom of God and the inauguration of Christ's reign.

Here are 6 things we can say about the resurrection of Christ.
Romans 1;1-4

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Michael Bird writes this:
One thing that Resurrection and Ascension day tell us is that there is no other intermediary between God and his people. Jesus is installed as priest and king for all eternity. No emperor, no clergyman, and no temple stands in between us and God. We are a kingdom of priests and we are the holy temple of the Priest King Jesus Christ.

Larry Hurtado writes this:
This [resurrection] was not a claim that Jesus had been resuscitated and brought back to life of this world, but instead that God had catapulted Jesus forward into life of the world to come. 
One immediate implication of this claim was that God had vindicated Jesus against the death-penalty imposed by the earthly authorities.  That is, in the earliest setting, Jesus’ resurrection was very much divine vindication.
The likelihood that Jesus had been executed as a messianic/royal claimant meant that God’s resurrecting him vindicated this claim.  That’s probably why the messianic claim about Jesus seems to have been so central in earliest Christian preaching. 

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