Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Real Joy of a Theology Debate

So apparently my kids were in a theology debate today, according to my wife. My daughter "E" is 5 and my daughter "L" will be 8 next month.

E: "On earth Jesus is here." 
L: "Jesus is in heaven so when you die you'll see him." 
E: "Jesus is here, he's in our hearts." 
L: "yeah, but you are still a sinner."

So apparently they are debating union with Christ (and Christ formed in us) vs. his ascension bodily into heaven. Of course, it's not an either/or. Christ present in heaven, bodily, enables him to minister the Spirit which unites us to Christ.

Appropriately, right now I am working my way through Michael Horton's People and Place. He works through the importance of the ascension for Christ's administration of his church and the significance of Calvin's doctrine of the sacraments for solving the relationship between the ascension and Christ's present in the sacrament ("This is my body...").

I'm thinking that might be a little over their head... but the real joy is that my kids are wrestling over two equally clear issues in Scripture seeking to resolve what the Bible presents. This is why I love being both a pastor and a dad.

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