Sunday, August 7, 2011

God the Father in Redemptive Historical Preaching

Another thought on redemptive historical preaching, to follow up this post. We who are committed to Redemptive historical preaching should be careful not to miss God the Father in the Old Testament (or the Holy Spirit for that matter).

This point was driven home to me as I worked through 2 Samuel 7 in Sunday school several weeks ago.

In this passage, after the covenant is made with David. David prays and address the LORD God. It is a recurring theme.

The temptation is to jump right away to the Christological point: Jesus fulfills the New Covenant. This is true, well and good.

But what we can't neglect in the passage is the relationship that is going on between David and the LORD GOD. There is a filial relationship. David addresses God with absolute reverence as he is now indebted to God's grace. The point isn't quite Christological (although we only come to God through Christ)--the emphasis is more on God the Father, or perhaps better, the relationship between the one True God and His anointed one (David).

You could take this through to Christological. The Messiah is the true Son, but then you have to make the point about the Father.

Christo-centric preaching is important and basic to rightly handling the word of God. Yet, in our zeal to rightly fulfill this, let's make sure we do not neglect the glory of the Triune God and specifically the other persons of the Father and the Holy Spirit.

As we consider true Christ-centered preaching, we cannot neglect aspects of the Trinity, even as they appear in the Old Testament. Sometimes a passage's emphasis may fall upon the unity of the Christ. The point is that Christ-centered preaching is never in opposition to supremacy of God as a whole and the kind of God-centered preaching John Piper advocates for in his book on The Supremacy of God in Preaching or as model by John Calvin.

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