Tuesday, November 29, 2011

On Conspiracy Theories -p2

Gossip can contribute to conspiracy theories too.

Gossip can build conspiracy theories. We put all the pieces of the puzzle together and we think we know the problem. We think we know the solution. Scripture teaches that church discipline should be done when there are two or three witnesses. This is two or three witnesses per event. Hearing what someone did or did not do is not a witness—but it can become a choice morsel. We need to evaluate based upon facts not whispers.

The way conspiracy theories develop through gossip reminds me of an episode of Star Trek Voyager called The Voyager Conspiracy. In it Seven-of-Nine downloads logs and records from Voyager’s five years lost in space. Suddenly she takes real information and connects the dots in all the wrong places. Voyager was composed of two crews when she started her journey—suddenly this becomes a theory of mutiny. Starfleet Captain Janeway has a secret agenda, her diplomacy decisions look like a military agenda—her first officer is secretly plotting to overthrow her. The crew is split in two as Seven-of-Nine shares part of her “facts” with both parties—suddenly division is created where there is none.

One of the ironies of conspiracy theories that develop over how people view others with whom they are supposed to have relationships with is you can have all the "facts" but you can spin just about any set of facts into a narrative theory with the notion that you've "proven" it. In other words, bad judgment and mixed motives can make the impossible seem true.

A person stirring up the right things at the wrong time can create a division just about anywhere.

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*This post simply reflects some devotional notes from a Bible study I did a few years back*

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