Friday, December 30, 2011

The Prophets, Suffering and the Christian Life

Christ the Center podcast over that the Reformed Forum has a recording on Suffering and the Christian Life.  Dr. J. Ligon Duncan is the special guest and he has some great thoughts on the Old Testament prophets, the Christian life and the ministry as they relate to suffering.

Here are some quotes I picked up as I read it.

"Show me a preacher worth his salt and I will show you a man who has suffered because God makes his shepherds by breaking them and almost always there is a component of suffering that is a part of that holy breaking that the Lord does of his servants" -J. Ligon Duncan 
"You have to love the church before you can reform the church. And until you have felt the judgment of the sin of the church and until you have wept in love over the church in her waywardness, and in her wickedness, and in her fickleness, and in her fallenness you're not ready to reform the church." --J. Ligon Duncan.

Thoughts that are not direct quotes:

-The prophets always felt the burdens of the people as they were leading. This is a key part of being a minister.

-On feeling abandoned by God: the only one in heaven who will have known what it is like to be forsaken by God is the only one who didn't deserve it (Jesus).

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