Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Request: Make this Video

Anyone out there who is good with video, is creative and a bit artsy? Please make this into a YouTube video:
What is "the indelible mark of the Shorter Catechism"? We have the following bit of personal experience from a general officer of the United States army. He was in a great western city at a time of intense excitement and violent rioting. The streets were over-run daily by a dangerous crowd. One day he observed approaching him a man of singularly combined calmness and firmness of mien, whose very demeanor inspired confidence. So impressed was he with his bearing amid the surrounding uproar that when he had passed he turned to look back at him, only to find that the stranger at once came back to him, and touching his chest to his forefinger, demanded without preface: "What is the chief end of man?" On receiving the countersign, "Man's chief end is to glorify God and enjoy him forever" --"Ah!" said he, "I knew you were a Shorter Catechism boy by your looks!" "Why, that was just what I was thinking of you," was there joinder. 
It is worth while to be a Shorter Catechism boy. They grow up to be men. And better than that, they are exceedingly apt to grow to be men of God. So apt, that we cannot afford to have them miss the chance of it. "Train up a child in the way he should go, and even when he is old he will not depart from it."
--B.B. Warfield, Selected Shorter Writings, vol 1, p.383-84

I can see this in my head but don't have the video skills (equipment or money) to produce it. 

I can imagine this wild west looking town. 

Here's how I propose the script go:
Classic western. Guns slingers. A mustached guy in a sombrero popping up behind the watering trough with his six shooter. Some guy on the roof with his long rifle. Smoke rising from the barrel as you hear the crack of the rifle.

Pan to a shot of officer's boots walk aside of a building towards the main street. Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap. A steady rhythm of walking. Move to a wide shot as the officer steps out from along side the building. He pauses and surveys the dangerous situation--camera angle from behind his head as he turns slightly to survey. With barely a pause he begins again and walks straight out in the street. He turns and proceeds down the center of the street.

You can see a crowd running along the sides of shops as there is a growing fear and people grab items and run. It is a bit chaotic and riotous. No one ventures into the street except the soldier.

As the officer walks down the street, off the side the only other man in the street but not in the crowds who are fearfully staying close to the shops, there is a tall strong man. At first glance, he almost looks like an outlaw with his rough exterior and exuding confidence. He walks upright head held high--like a man on a mission.

He passes the officer and their eyes lock. Camera angle from above: as they have passed the outlaw looking fellow turns, moving to the center of the street.

The army officer turns. They lock eyes. Camera angel from under the boots of one of the men as the stair  at each other. The impression is that there is about to be a gun fight--the crowds hush. Women pull their children close shielding their eyes from the impending violence.

Close camera angle on the officer and he looks like he is about to get gritty.

Army officer: "what is the chief end of man?"

Quite movement of camera to zoom in on the other man.

Tough-looking fellow: "To glorify God and enjoy him forever"

Army officer, facing becoming light and joyous: "Ah! I knew you were a Shorter Catechism boy by your looks!" 
Tough-looking fellow: "Why, that was just what I was thinking of you," 

The two men grasp in a firm shake as they grab each other's forearms. 

The camera angle pans upward, the words 'The Westminster Shorter Catechism' as a deep announcer voice says: "It is worth while to be a Shorter Catechism boy. They grow up to be men."

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John Gardner said...

Great idea! I can't do it either, but I'd love to see it if someone makes it

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