Thursday, July 12, 2012

Envy & Success in Ministry

What happens when you see other ministries and you think "I wish I could have that/be like that..." Can the dream distract you from what you have and where you are being called by God to serve?

Great thoughts on ministry, envy, coveting and the ministry.
How to fight ministry pornography from Ed Stetzer on Vimeo.

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ZAROVE said...

I have always thought that the distinction we set in our culture between "Religion", and "Science' and "Business" are synthetic. They all run pretty well the same way.

They also all have the same pratfalls, bcluding invy.

I think that, in terms of Ministry, we shoudl focus on God and helpign others, but it is very easy for many to become distracted and want fame and fortune, ansd at that point they merely use he Ministry as a vehicle for their own successes.

It is a problem to be addressed, methinks, and I did enjoythe video.

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