Saturday, April 19, 2014

Proclaim the Resurrection

It never ceases to amaze me that the Greek's believed Apollo had stood on the Areopagus and declared "once a man has died, and the dust has soak up his blood, there is no resurrection."

And Paul stood on that very same spot in the first century and said "there is a judgment and we know it's coming because Jesus Christ rose from the dead."

We need to have the courage to stand in the hallowed halls of our society and culture and proclaim such things.

It is not merely enough to say "there is a God" or "you can have a relationship with God" or "God is the most important person to me and give me meaning." In today's culture shoulders will shrug with a "well if that works for you, so be it" and worst: "keep it to yourself."

We need to stand up and say these things you value here, this that you think orders your life is not the ultimate order. The ultimate order flows from the Lordship of Jesus Christ who is over all everything--I we know this to be true because God raised Him from the dead."


Justin Davito said...

Good thoughts!

JustTheFacts said...

It indeed is odd, almost a foretelling of the future. Christianity birthed upon the alter of the God of War.

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